All about the songs from our latest Ladies Gun Club release, Take My Love Away. Directed by Ivette Garcia, Cinematography, Tim Kang, Editor, Tory Harder

A video we made for the Talking Heads song, Road to Nowhere, on location at the famous Farmer's Daughter Motel in Los Angeles. We are both pregnant in this video! 

On the left, The trailer for TOO LATE, starring John Hawkes. Out on iTunes now. I play myself and play the title track from my album Amarillo. The song for the trailer is mine. Fast Enough, co-written with Joel Eckels. On the right, a little video from the creators about my scene in the film.

A live show from way back when I toured with Brian Wright and The Waco Tragedies. 


With Ladies Gun Club, doing "Maggie the Superstar" on Music City Roots.

Our EP release at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. The PA system went down, so we played unplugged. Also, I"m nine months pregnant.


This was somewhere in England while my husband, Brian Wright was on tour with Tom McRae. He invited me up to do this old song. Not the best video, but a great memory for me, so thanks to the person who posted this. Also pregnant in this video (but didn't know it yet).